As a Dubai-based entrepreneur, I am currently working on establishing Laumière Gourmet Fruit, a luxury food brand based out of California, where my dad and I mystify the unique connection between luxury and nature in an undeniable quest to blend gourmet excellence with a healthy lifestyle. As a co-founder, I focus on expanding Laumière through both, advancing its digital platform and growing its e-commerce presence. As I build the brand, I am learning about the complexities of leading a meaningful life. I do not have all the answers–but I feel strongly that progress in my ventures will help me answer them.

I have been a former co-founder of Inara, a youth-based non-profit organization; a home-grown DJ; and a former Project Manager at PwC. These diverse aspects of my life fuel my desire to innovate while my love for challenges helps me transfer my passion from my musical, volunteering, and entrepreneurial pursuits into everything that I work on.

In the midst of the eventful years, I have had, the common denominator is my want to take risks in learning from different individuals and helping others in the process of self-growth. Rising together as a team, an organization, and a community brings me deep satisfaction and joy. The personal connection I build with people during the journey adds to the excitement and has played a pivotal role in who I am today. My journey at Inara, was my first major encounter with building connections as I had the opportunity to get people together to make a change where we collectively and strongly believed in the potential of the young generation to bring a positive change in society. We led a movement to induce a predisposition towards social service in the hearts and minds of the young generation in the hope of contributing towards the creation of a responsible society and were successful as a lot of our volunteers today are actively involved in causes supporting the society. 

In 2016, I graduated as a Computer Engineer from BITS Pilani Dubai and wanted to take on a career path that was impact-obsessed, solved real-world problems, and taught me the skills I needed to take on entrepreneurship ventures. The most ideal route was to start off as a Tech Consultant. After spending a few years as a Consultant, I was eventually promoted to be one of the youngest project managers in my division and primarily worked on managing large-scale digital transformation projects in the UAE. While working at PwC, my enthusiasm was the outcome of working with a diverse team that helped me understand the complexities in managing and building a sustainable environment for any team I work with. The time spent in consulting was a fast and efficient way to learn a set of skills and mindsets which might have taken longer than anywhere else. I built an almost irrational but powerful belief that clarity and a plan can crack a problem.

A big part of my identity is my love for music. Listening to Music and being a DJ became a bridge between me and people, helping me understand that communication could extend beyond spoken language. I learned that to understand someone is not only to hear the words that they say but feel and express as they do. With this realization, I search for methods of communication not only through spoken interaction but also through shared experiences, whether they might involve the creation of music or watching people dance to the music I play. Through a little bit of luck, love, and passion, I had been blessed to be the resident DJ for Plush Nightlife from 2016 and have had the opportunity to play alongside my favorite artist, Eric Prydz, and be associated with some of my favorite festivals such as Sunburn Music Festival. Some of my best days have been defined by being able to understand what an audience enjoys and find a way to give them what they came for.

Over the last few years, I have seen a positive, promising shift in my interests towards a healthy lifestyle, wellbeing, education, and music. In the same way, my learnings at PwC, Inara, and in my love for music, I have found the ability to take risks and strive to become a person who could build deeper connections and invest positively in the community.

On this website, I plan to share my curated learnings on interesting consumer market-related announcements, the latest technology trends, self-improvement, healthy lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and new music.

If you find what’s written above interesting, you want to know more about me or you want to show me the best coffee shop in town, get in touch with me!

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